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A glass object made by Momoko Igarashi.
It has an airy impression by its lovely pop shape and sparkling air bubbles, despite its heavy weight. It can also be used as a bookend.
*The embossed pattern is only on the front side, the back side is flat.

W10×D3×H10 cm

580 g

Soda glass

・Sudden temperature change may break the product as it is not heat-resistant glass.
・There may be small holes on surface or on corner due to manufacturing process.
・Please wash with care by using soft sponge to prevent being scratched.

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・The color of the image on the screen may differ from the actual product.

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"I intentionally make each piece in different appearances, and make each of them thoughtfully like taking care of a child. "

Born in Niigata Prefecture, Japan. Graduated from Glassmaking Course, Department of Industrial, Interior and Craft Design, Musashino Art University. She mainly uses the Kiln casting technique, which uses an electric kiln, to create boxes and objects while exploring for new expressions of glass materials.

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