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A ceramic goblet made by Sakura Tokiyama.
It has an atmosphere like an ancient artifact, yet with a modern impression. The pastel blue glaze with coarse texture and the unique painted picture, which is reminiscent of some sort of code, are very lovely. You can use it for drinks or put candles in it to enjoy the soft light and aroma.

φ9×H11 cm
220 ml

260 g


・Microwave: NG
・Dishwasher: NG. Hand wash advised
・Please wash with care by using soft sponge to prevent being scratched

・There are some pinholes on the surface

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・The color of the image on the screen may differ from the actual product

Product number: 20212



"I create to make things painted come to life, by caring the tactile and sense from my hands, and invisible things ."

Graduated from Tokyo Zokei University. Started to learn pottery by herself, and practiced potter's wheel and hand-twisting techniques by searching on the internet. She also worked as an intern at SHOKKI, a handmade ceramic label in Japan. Currently works on ceramics and paintings at the university's studio space for teaching assistants.

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