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  • An art book made by Misa Asanuma and Yuri Iwamoto
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Realfacestan is a collaborative artist book by Yuri Iwamoto and Misa Asanuma.

We attempt to follow those ‘likes’ that tend to drift away in the social media and news we see daily. Various topics surfaced in the repetition of life during our month-long residency in Toyama Prefecture.

Why is it good? Which parts are good? Using each other’s tools (glass, snapshots, drawings, etc.), we tried to identify the touch of “like” as precisely as possible. A simple presence of a tree, colors, a vivid performance behind the screen, a firefly squid, an unconscious sculpture or mural seen on a journey, a kitchen, or a cup.

Sometimes running side by side, sometimes throwing passes at each other, we relentlessly followed these sensations of comfort, curiosity, and awe.

These ‘likes’ take shape with an imperfect reproduction rate of about 60%, with corners being skimmed off in the material’s limitations and the conversation’s flow. This book is a visual sketchbook of our mental images and sensations, including those uncontrollable spaces.

“ Realfacestan is a space with a syrupy river of simmered casual curiosity flowing between us.
Parallelism, repetition, reflection, digestion. After a couple of those tossing to each other, the shape, which is mellow and ambiguous yet confident to be so,
Realfacestan is warm and sunny. Realfacestan is carefree. ”

The drawings on the paperback covering the book are all different and all good. Please look forward to see which one you will receive.

Edition of 100
64 pages
Laser print, b/w and color
Softcover in the white paperbag with line drawings by authors
Translation and layout by Misa Asanuma
Printed by chiku chiku laboratory by edition.nord

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“I find inspiration in negative things, something like getting unexpected shapes and phenomenon.”

She learned pottery from her friend and started creating, when studying at Estonian Academy of Arts. She works in various media such as photography, graphics, and bookbinding.

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Glass artist

"I try to keep the intention of the molten glass as it is, and create a form in dialogue with materials."

Graduated from Musashino Art University. While a student at the university, she studied at Aalto University in Finland as an exchange student. Currently based in Toyama, Japan, she creates a wide range of works including vases and sculptures using hot work technique.

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