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A ceramic mug cup made by Yenyu.
A piece with eye-catching piece glaze expression reminiscent of natural phenomena. It has a twisted charming handle that you may want to touch.

*We cannot deliver exactly the same one as in the photo as it is one of a kind. Hope you could embrace the uniqueness of it.

approx. W12*D8*H9cm 200ml

approx. 250g


・Microwave: Not recommended.
・Dishwasher: Not recommended.
・Please wash with care by using soft sponge to prevent being scratched.
・Product size and shape varies in each item due to manufacturing process.

・All international packages may be subject to taxes, duties and custom fee upon delivery in your territory. For more details, please read our shipping policy.
・The color of the image on the screen may differ from the actual product.

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Born in Taiwan, living in Japan since 2016.
Graduated from Fu Jen Catholic University, Department of Applied Arts. Currently based in Gifu Prefecture and researches at the Tajimi City Pottery Design and Technical Center. She is attracted to Japanese clay and raw materials. Expresses the scenery she finds in her daily life through ceramics vessels.

You can see her works here
Interview here