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A stoneware tea cup made by MANO MANI.
It is a unique piece with playful bumps created by poking the clay. The quiet yet bold patterns created by the reaction of the red clay and glaze are impressive. It can be used to hold drinks, flowers, or candles, and can also be used as an interior art. There are 4 pieces in stock, so you can collect and use them all together.

φ10×9 cm
mouth Φ6 cm

300 g

Stone ware

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Product number: 20076


MANO MANI by Julie Boucherat

“Feel the material when you hold a ceramic in your hands, to be connected to it, like a ritual”

Behind her label MANO MANI, the ceramist Julie Boucherat imagines and shapes unique, spontaneous and symbolic pieces, with raw lines and rich textures. Her pieces are made of stoneware and her glazes are handmade. They are inspired by the Japanese concept of wabi-sabi and primitive African forms. She uses hand building techniques which give each piece its own uniqueness.

You can see her 
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