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A wooden Japanese abacus.
The rustic appearance of the abacus makes you feel the passage of time. On the back of it, the word "YAOYOROZU" is strongly written, which means "myriad" in Japanese. It might be a name of a store, or might be a name of the abacus itself like the "K computer" named for the Japanese numeral "kei", meaning 10 quadrillion. In this day and age, when we can easily calculate with computers, we may be able to use the abacus more freely without being limited by its original purpose. You can put a pen between them, or play it as a musical instrument, how it is used is up to you!

W28×D3×H11 cm
W11×D2×H4.3 in

400 g
14 oz


・There are some scratches and cracks on the surface.

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