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An object made by OCTOBER & MARCH.
A charming piece with an airy, light presence. It is a mysterious sculpture that stands lightly on its own, making the most of the nature of polyester cord, which has the rigidity and flexibility like wire. It will bring a playful mood to your space. You can also enjoy the shadows by placing it near a lamp or on a window sill.

φ12×H20 cm

30 g

Polyester cord

[Handling Precautions]
・Please wash the product by hand gently with a mild laundry detergent when it get stained,
・Please be careful not to catch on accessories or furniture, as this may cause it to untie.
・Discoloration may occur depending on aging and usage conditions.

・All international packages may be subject to taxes, duties and custom fee upon delivery in your territory. For more details, please read our shipping policy.
・The color of the image on the screen may differ from the actual product.

Product number: 20167



A contemporary knit product brand based in Tokyo. They see knitting as a molding method which enables them to express in a flexible and diverse way. All pieces are made by hand, using brilliant colored polyester cords made in Japan which are unusual for knitting. Giving forms based on unique ideas which come from making the most of the nature of materials by minimalistic process and minimal material loss.

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