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A ceramic vase made by Mai Tagawa.
A charming piece with the gentle shape and gradation of black color. This fine color is created by carbonization and fuming process. The ceramic piece and rice bran are placed in a lidded ceramic box and fired. The bran burns and carbon attaches to the surface, turning the surface black. Although firing with rice husks is the most common method, the maker says that rice bran produces a finish that better matches her expression.
*Please do not to leave the product filled with water for a long time, as it may leak.

W13×D5×H13 cm 
mouthφ2.5 cm

430 g


・The black color of the surface may fade when scratched, so please be careful where you place it and when moving it.
・Please do not to leave the product filled with water for a long time, as it may leak.

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"I listen to the voice of soil, how they want to be."

Graduated from Tama Art University. While a student at the university, she studied ceramic art. Currently based in Tochigi Prefecture, Japan. She creates tablewares and vases with the unique scarlet coloration of clay.

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