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A glass cup made by Satomi Ando.
A beautiful piece with lively impression as if it captured a moment of water motion. The expression that changes depending on the light is also attractive, so please pick it up and enjoy it from various angles!

*We cannot deliver exactly the same one as in the photo since each piece is specially made by hand. Hope you could embrace the uniqueness of it.

W6×D6×H13 cm, mouth φ6 cm
about 180 ml

220 g

Soda glass

・Microwave: NG
・Dishwasher: NG
・Do not pour hot water in the product.
・Please wash with care by using soft sponge to prevent being scratched.

・All international packages may be subject to taxes, duties and custom fee upon delivery in your territory. For more details, please read our shipping policy.
・The color of the image on the screen may differ from the actual product.

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Glass artist

"I see every living thing on earth as 'vessel for water’."

Born in Aichi prefecture, Japan. After graduating from the Toyama Institute of Glass Art, where she studied basic techniques of glass works, she studied at the Seto Ceramics and Glass Art Center where she discovered and developed her own unique style. Currently based in Aichi prefecture and creates a wide range of pieces by using various techniques such as hot work (blown glass) to create objects and vessels, burner work for jewelry, and kiln work for objects.

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