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A beeswax candle made by studio Studio Éter.
It has a beautiful silhouette as well as the way it burns slowly drawing a spiral. It is created from pure beeswax, using traditional techniques. The beeswax is sourced from the Studio’s own beehives as well as from local beekeepers. 

Approximately 2.5 hour

Approximately φ2.5×H22 cm

60 g

Beeswax, Organic cotton

・Never leave lit candles unattended
・Never burn candles near flammable items (drafts and curtains, etc)
・Keep out of reach of children and pets
・Never move lit candles
・Sit candles on a stable fire resistant plate whilst burning
・Trim wicks as necessary

・Due to the handmade nature of this object variations will occur, making each piece unique
・All international packages may be subject to taxes, duties and custom fee upon delivery in your territory. For more details, please read our shipping policy
・The color of the image on the screen may differ from the actual product

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Studio Éter

Established in 2020 by founder Jessica Laureano.

Studio Éter is inspired by the formal language of objects, their stories, and the enduring cultural value that tools and objects have bestowed upon man, perpetually reflecting one's understanding of the world. They understand the process of making objects as ritual, the mediation of earth, water, air, fire and aether (éter). 

You can see their
Works here