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A glass vase made by Yuri Iwamoto.
It seem to be like a living thing, tilting the neck. The surface of the tea color glass, which is covered with a metallic texture that changes color depending on the angle of view, gives it a quiet presence even in a dark room.

W10×D10×H19 cm, mouth φ3 cm
W4×D4×H7.4 in, mouth φ1.2 in

250 g
8.8 oz

Soda glass

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Product number: 20010 


Glass artist

"I try to keep the intention of the molten glass as it is, and create a form in dialogue with materials."

Graduated from Musashino Art University. While a student at the university, she studied at Aalto University in Finland as an exchange student. Currently based in Toyama, Japan, she creates a wide range of works including vases and sculptures using hot work technique.

You can see her 
Works here