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A ceramic vase made by Sakura Tokiyama.
It looks good for arranging tall branches as it is quite heavy and stable. The puddle of blue glaze is like a small lake. The cracks on the side have been repaired with gold, a technique called "Kintsugi". There are no water leaks, but just in case, it is safe to put water below the golden spots.

Φ15×H25 cm, mouth Φ3 cm
Φ6×H10 in, mouth Φ1.2 in

1370 g
48.3 oz


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・The color of the image on the screen may differ from the actual product.
・There are some crazes.
・It is partially repaired with gold, a technique called "Kintsugi".

Product number: 20018



"I create to make things painted come to life, by caring the tactile and sense from my hands, and invisible things ."

Graduated from Tokyo Zokei University. Started to learn pottery by herself, and practiced potter's wheel and hand-twisting techniques by searching on the internet. She also worked as an intern at SHOKKI, a handmade ceramic label in Japan. Currently works on ceramics and paintings at the university's studio space for teaching assistants.

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